CAR-T in Immuno-Oncology

This is the second module of a comprehensive slide library developed by a group of clinicians that have been working together to create ongoing educational initiatives about CAR T therapy since 2017. The library covers several topics including: why CAR-T therapy, how CAR-T fits into the world of immuno-oncology, patient management, and institutional considerations. You have the option to download the full library, containing several modules, or you can download individual modules, as needed.

This module covers the following topics:

• Timeline of immunotherapy
• Allogeneic transplant, high-dose IL-2, and donor lymphocyte infusions
• Monoclonal antibodies and vaccines: INF-α and anti-CD20–targeted therapies
• Immune modulators and checkpoint inhibitors
• How to optimally harness antitumor immunity: the role of CAR T cells


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