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Utilizing A Comprehensive Team-Based Approach to Improving Patient-Important Outcomes After Transplant

Recent advancements in the care of stem cell transplant patients have improved outcomes including survival in this susceptible population. However, there are little data addressing patient-centered outcomes. Outcomes identified by patients and caregivers, termed patient-important outcomes, are crucial to foster health care focused not only on findings that are clinically pertinent but also on findings that are relevant to the patient. Understanding patient-important outcomes allows healthcare delivery systems to prioritize and standardize research, develop patient-important benchmarks and improve outcomes identified by patients. This session aired as an ASTCT Education Session during the 2021 TCT Meetings of ASTCT & CIBMTR.


Open to view video.
Open to view video. This is a recording of the session that aired live during the 2021 TCT Meetings of ASTCT & CIBMTR.